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The Pieve di Santa Maria di Luriano.


Easy route, with up and down.

Length: about 10 km of a country road.


Start from Mulino delle Pile and get to the path to Luriano , turn left. Follow the country hill road and, by crossing through some thicked woods, arrive at the medieval church of Santa Maria, documented since 1171 and added to the Luriano farm in the eighteenth century, when it was deconsecrated. From here you can admire the hills and enjoying the sound of nature. Fed by the wonderful viewes and sights you go back to the Mill of the Pile, along the same path.

Agriturismo Il Mulino delle Pile

Località il Mulino delle Pile 53012 Chiusdino (Siena)
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  P.IVA  00998500524



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